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Axis 1

PUCE bleue

HIV and other related infections

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    Sub-axis 1: Evaluate new strategies to prevent the transmission of chronic viral infections, particularly that of HIV from mother-to-child by breastfeeding.
    Sub-axis 2: Study the physiopathological mechanisms involved, and, HIV and HCV in at-risk populations such as IV drug users.

    Sub-axis 3: Develop innovative diagnostic tests for HIV drug resistance and TB, relevant in developing countries.

    Sub-axis 4: Improve the therapeutic management of chronically infected patients, especially those co-infected with HIV and TB.


Axis 2

PUCE bleue

Prion and arbovirus

Read more about our 2 main sub-axes

    Sub-axis 1: Improve the diagnosis of prion diseases in order to prevent their iatrogenic transmission.
    Sub-axis 2: Define the determinants of arbovirus outbreaks, neurotropism and neuro-invasion.